Unlike other competition sites where each competition is for a single prize and has unlimited number of participants, I Can Have It has many prizes of similar value in the same competition with limited participants driven by fixed number of tickets with the sole aim of closing them faster. Once all the tickets are bought, the competition closes and a winner is determined. The winner will receive the prize for which the winning ticket was bought for.


Playing at I Can Have It works in 4 steps:

Pick a Prize - choose which prize you would like to play for.
Buy a Ticket - purchase a ticket. Ticket prices range from £1 to £5 with special discounts on bundles of tickets.
Answer a Question - I Can Have It is a skill-based competition, so you will need to answer a question from your chosen category. You will be given 3 possible answers to choose from.
Pick a Number - You will be required to pick a number. Skill is required for this too as the winner of each competition is determined as the player who has picked the lowest unique number within the range given to them.